Loan Modification - Help For Homeowners in Financial Hardship

Loan modifications are nothing new; they have been around as an option for homeowners who are in trouble on their mortgage. They have become more available since President Obama passed the Making Home Affordable Plan. The approval process has become easier, so you really should find out if you qualify.

If you are struggling with your house payments or even in default, don't delay. Be proactive and consider your situation while you still have available options to consider. There are nonprofit agencies that can help you with counseling concerning your mortgage situation. There are free services available through any HUD-approved organization. This is the Housing and Urban Development branch of the federal government. Recently, many businesses have sprung up that claim to help people obtain a loan modification, since more and more people are seeking assistance. Using free or fee-based services to obtain your mortgage assistance have some positives and negatives associated with them. Some of these services include legal advice and assistance, and if you have the option, use one of these. You may require some legal help in acquiring a loan modification.

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If you are paying for help with your loan process, be very, very careful. There are businesses who are preying on people that are desperate for a solution to keep their home. They are vulnerable, and these opportunists are taking advantage of them. Be sure you check out the company thoroughly, and always run checks with the Better Business Bureau. Begin with talking with a mortgage counselor. They will begin by examining your financial documents, and evaluating your present circumstances. Your options will be presented, and they will show you the best alternatives available to you.

If a loan modification is a good option for you, the counselor can help you with writing a loan modification hardship letter that is a required part of your application process. This letter details to the bank why you need a loan modification and what has caused your present financial distress. Some acceptable reasons are: divorce, illness, unemployment, death of a spouse, or other events beyond your control. You will need to be truthful and to-the-point. Your counselor will assist you, and help you attach the correct documentation that the lender needs. They will function as an advocate and a intermediary on your behalf with the lender throughout this application process. If you are in a mortgage that is stressing you every month or are already in default, you should immediately consider the feasibility of a loan modification.

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