Unemployment - The Gift For the Soul

In the so-called recession era, in fact, there are many methods for the opening of the resources. Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of the series books of "The Rich Dad"has taken himself as the example. At that special time, he gave up his excellent job only to sell the printers and the office instruments, and got the salary that only took a quarter part of the original one. As a matter of fact, the reason that why he has done that is to cultivate his sales proficency, and he hoped that he could begin an undertaking, creating more financial resources.
When in childhood, Warren E. Buffet had learnt to sell the glass marbles and little toys etc to make some money to invest.

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One of my friends, nowadays, he is the chief editor in a financial magazine. Several years ago, though at that time, unemplyed temporily, he wrote some newspaper columns for many provinces unceaselessly. The incomes he made was accumulated to 20. 000 per month which was much more than that of being a senior editor. Then, he wrote the biographies for some famous people to gain more experiences.

Therefore, recession represents that the crisis is viewed as the turn. In other words, maybe you will be forced to begin an undertaking, maybe you will find the new profit basis of the merchanse.

A person was fired as a manager in a American-proprientorshiop located in Tai Wan. In fact, he was favored in variable kinds of tea, thus he operated a foam-black-tea shop that engaged in many kinds of tea, which made his shop could league with others. Another female who was fired from a high-tech company, promoted and sold a kind of toast loaf invented by herself. Because of the high-quality milk and adequate materials, she had continuous lists, which made her have to bake the loaf overnight, busy but delighted.

If one had the recreations, the vitalities and the spirits with perseverance, one could be desribed as the motto of the Li Ning sneakers"Everything is possible". If you were ventured to think, you could plow and weed a flurished field.

Peculiarly, Kiyosaki has encouraged you to break the idea that only salary can be considered as the incomes and to search for the business opportunities surround you. Maybe your friend who do business needed something, so that you could farm out some production. Perhaps, you had some second specialties, which made you do some small business. Otherwise, as an intermediary, you could cooperate with many people because of your profession, it also made you collect the intermediary expense and the consultant expense. If only you dared to negotiate with others, you had the income opportunities.

As for the investment, it is of necessity for you to invest the things that you don't understand. Kiyosaki's wife had invested the real estate. Having found an apartment with good-returned rent expense, she bought it to rent, which, then, had become from a small apartment to a assent management company that managed hundreds of apartments. The house mortgage being subtracted from the rent expense, the left properties is your own revenues. In addition, you can extend the investment under the condition that the cash flow is continuous to appear.

Maybe you say that, I don't too much money. Nevertheless, you can rent a small shop in an important part of a strench. As the second landlord, you rent it to others to accumulate the cash-flow slowly. Afterward, you can collect the loans in the way of buying a house.

At the certain time when the stock disaster is on the verge, it is better to do an investment by buying the index funds. However, planning for the long term is more proper for the reason that with the illustration of the statistic, the index will be doubled after three to five years followed by the stock disaster

You should chose to be the boss of yourself. You must do good operation if you had an enterprise. But if you were the staff, you should choose to be an investor or to explore new projects that could make money in order to increase your own cash flow.

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