Debt Relief For The Recently Unemployed

The sad reality about working for someone else is that you rely on that person for an income. It's sad because most people are bought up in this mold - you go to school you get a job and you work until it's time to retire. That's great, but what happens when the plan gets derailed. Not all companies last for ever, in fact most don't. If you rely on your income from a job and the company folds then you can be left in a very precarious financial situation. No income, bills piling up. What can you do?

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Get A Job

I don't mean apply for all the top paying jobs in the paper and wait for them to call you - I mean get a job. Today. What you need is something that is going to cover your expenses in the short term. It may be pumping gas, flipping burgers or whatever. When I shifted to my new city I had a shiny new double honors degree and wandered around town every day looking for someone to employ me. I walked past McDonalds every day without a glance because I was too good to work there. But as days turned into weeks I realized that I wasn't saying I was too good to work there - I was saying I was too good to work. I took my burger flipping job, was head hunted based on my customer service and spend a little time as a waiter. That allowed my to job hunt for a 'real job' by day and earn the money to pay my bills by night.

Your finances are not about image or pride, they are not a game. you need money so you get it - whatever it takes.

Look for a debt relief loan

Debt relief, or debt consolidation loans are offered by a number of providers. Find one that fits your new situation and see if you can work out a special deal.

Eliminate all unnecessary expenses

Debt is a simple matter of having more expenses than income. You just lost your income so you need to lose as many expenses as you can. This doesn't sit well with some people, but it's reality - you have nothing coming in you need to minimize what is going out.

Sell stuff

See if anyone will buy your debt. Some debts are transferrable. For instance if you have a car payment that is hammering you, see if someone wants to buy the car and it's outstanding debt. This gets you some cash and eliminates a big expense.

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