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Many people are facing foreclosure these days due to the recession and the current high unemployment rate. When people do not have jobs to receive an income something has to suffer and many times it's the mortgage payment. Most mortgage payments are quite high depending on the terms and the length of time in the home, so naturally people are not paying their mortgages in lieu of food, medical expenses, the price of gas and the cost of living.

When a borrower gets a few months behind the lender may contact the homeowner to see if there is anything they can do to get the borrower back on track. Do not ignore the lenders phone calls or notices in the mail as this can lead to a foreclosure notice. Foreclosures make it worse for the borrower because the borrower may not be able to borrow money again because it lowers their credit rating.

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The first step is to acknowledge the problem; no matter how many months behind they are acknowledging the problem will give the borrower a chance to look at options the lender may have to help the borrower from facing foreclosure. One thing a lender can do is to set up an appointment with a loan officer to discuss options so a borrower can make an educated decision on how to best tackle this problem.

One area is the interest rates; ask the lender if lowering the interest rate is an option. Also ask if the principal on the loan can be lowered, both of these will ultimately lower the monthly payment that a borrower can afford. That is the number one goal of the lender is to make the payments affordable.

Another aspect is loan modifications, which simply put is changing the terms of the loan by extending the loan, longer time means lower payments. Loan modifications are popular especially when the borrower has not had the home for a long period of time. Loan modifications are popular because it extends the time of the loan and reduces the payments.

Another thing borrowers can do is to look online on the internet, the internet offers a vast number of organizations and lenders who can also help a home from being foreclosed by offering counseling, debt reduction and lower interest rates.

One site 1st Foreclosure Prevention presents an array of information for the borrower and they can be found at our website. They offer a wide variety of things a homeowner can do when facing foreclosure.

Foreclosure is difficult for a family but the first step in stopping it is to talk to the lender. Talking to the lender ensures that you care about your home and are ready to do something about the foreclosure process that you are facing. This shows the bank that you are interested in keeping your home and do not want it to go to foreclosure.

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