Understanding The PPI And Its Reclaim

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is an insurance plan offered by many insurance companies to clients who have taken loan for products such as cars, mortgages and even credit cards. The purpose of this type of insurance is to pay for a customer's missing payments on the credit line or property loan. If a borrower is unable to make the loan payments due to very specific conditions, the insurance company will repay the loan on behalf of the borrower. These conditions that will enable the loan repayment by the insurance company include: illness, unemployment or accident.

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Claims are valid if a borrower has natural illness; the client is unemployed or has suffered an accident making loan repayment difficult. These condition are very specific in the sense that illnesses caused by drug abuse, pregnancy and alcohol are not part of reasons for reclaim the insurance. If a borrower is self employed or retired, the claims will not be valid. The premiums for this insurance are extremely high and reclaiming has to follow strict rules and regulations. In case a person becomes unemployed, the insurance policies require that the person stay at home for at least 30 days to reclaim the insurance. This period of being off work has to prove that a borrower is truly unemployed and has no means to create an income.

A person who has a credit line will be able to use the line for a very long time and this includes having different credit lines. The insurance company will pay for all the missing payments when the claims are valid. This insurance is given when a borrower is taking a property loan or credit lines from different financial companies. Mortgage loan is one of the most important loans in a person's life because it means that the family has a place to call home. This can however turn tragic if an accident occurs, a heart attack, or the borrower suddenly loses his job. The causes for losing a job are very many and in all these situations, the end result is that a person cannot plan for unemployment but it can happen. These cases are very normal and the insurance company enters into an agreement with a loan borrower about the conditions that will result to valid claims. This insurance protects a borrower from bankruptcy, property repossession and court cases because of unpaid loans.

Financial companies in the UK have made big mistakes while selling products to customers. Credit card providers and loan givers have now included this payment protection insurance in all the loan products given to borrowers. These loan providers give the insurance together with the loan and not separately. Borrowers can now reclaim the insurance for product is incorrectly sold to them. Financial experts suggest that insurance claims could sum up to billions of sterling pounds. This kind of insurance protects against unforeseen circumstances that can cause a lot of financial problems for borrowers. Debt collectors have been known to track down borrowers who relocate after they are unable to pay for loan borrowed. This situation will not happen if the loan company issues the loan and also the insurance under one cover.

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